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Amateur Aussie Anal Angels Deepthroat ASStoMOUTH

Tammy Brown Vs Storm Steele

Two Aussie Anal Princesses fuck-fight a huge cock until one girl will be crowned Miss ASStoMOUTH 2017!
coreyirons : That was an awesome girls.. one of the best I’ve had ever! Both you girls deserve to win! Honestly, real ass to mouth angels! fucking hell but did I just fuck the shit! out of those asses! literaly! HAHAha
Hey, I think Tammy’s ass wins for making my cock pop and explode so much cum! Don’t you think the winner should be the one that was covered the most head to toe in my cum haha You looked hot babe 🙂 haha cum all over your hair and those tiny tits. But Storm will get points for licking up the cum, because that was hot when you bent Tammy over to lick my cum from her ass! and I liked seeing you suck it off her tits! I seriously felt like sticking it in your ass again and have a go at fucking Tammy mouth back and forth! Maybe I’ll save that for next time, hey girls!? 😉
But really Tammy should win, because her tight asshole feels soo unbelievable, especially when I finally got it all in and was balls deep pounding! And when I started to cum I swear her ass got even tighter!!! Hey Tam? I don’t know how you do it babe, but your tight ass feels better then everyones and it always stays so fucking tight, the entire time I m fucking it! for hours lol! I so want to do this again this weekend? HAHA! Im serious!
Talk to you girls later!

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