amateuraussieanalangels: ‘Kiss the bottom of her feet’ is a…


‘Kiss the bottom of her feet’ is a Tammy Brown anal position
that will bring back romance inside the aussie bedroom this summer. I’m
sure most women would cringe if they hear the words “I want to fuck your
ass” and would much rather “I want to kiss the bottom of your feet”.
With your partner on her back with feet up in the air, males are able to
express there rarer sexy side, with a range of kissing and licking,
resulting in maximum penertration. The toe curling reactions of your
partner signafies the romantic element to the anal action. The kissing
of the bottom of her feet fullfills the females desirers and expresses
the males gratitued and love for their partners ass.
Tammy Brown, Perth WA
Amateur Pornstar & Anal Princess

amateuraussieanalangels: @stormsteeleI dressed up like Sandra D…



I dressed up like Sandra D last night and went to the gig and guess what! Tony and Leroy were fighting over who was going to have my ass. haha.

I’m such a bitch! These clothes never fail me! I told you babe I can get anyone! its all in the ass lol

Tammy Brown XXX